The Military Heritage Museum and Witness to War, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the oral histories of combat veterans, have partnered to increase public understanding of and access to the important stories of those who served to ensure that their contributions and sacrifices – and that of those they served with who didn’t make it home – are never forgotten.

The Military Heritage Museum will host special “interview days” throughout the year for local and visiting veterans to participate in a recorded conversation with an experienced Witness to War interviewer in our state-of-the-art video studio.

The raw footage will then be professionally edited into a two- to five-minute-long “war story” designed to provide the next generation with a “foxhole” or “windshield” view of what it was like to fight and survive on land, sea and air.

Connect, discover and engage with these unique stories—along with thousands of others—which will be viewable on individual kiosks at the Museum or online at www.WitnessToWar.org.

Witness to War - Military Heritage Museum