A MUST SEE attraction that you will find at the Military Heritage Museum is the  War Room and miniature war gaming. Here, you will continue your immersive experience by living some of the most important battles of U.S. military history. From Yorktown to Fallujah, you will experience these battles from a “boots on the ground” perspective. The goal of this room is to provide you with a balanced and objective historical representation of key military operations – all of which resulted in a major change in a variety of  war efforts. Narrated with light and sound, the Military Heritage Museum’s War Room is an attraction you will not want to miss! 

A truly fun and educational learning experience for the entire family. Learn how these battles progressed and how the historical leaders shaped the battle as a cornerstone for winning the war. 

Not only is this an attraction for the family, but it is also an educational opportunity for teachers at all levels to bring students to an interactive class day. Miniature war gaming will also provide teachers an opportunity to create a “strategy  activity” for their students by proposing the “what if” question to their class. In this format, miniature war gaming turns into an engaging and powerful learning environment by allowing students to change the course of the battle to see what other results could have been realized if battlefield decisions had been different. Social Studies teachers – don’t forget this is also a wonderful opportunity to have your students create their own shoebox miniature war game in conjunction with their class visit to the Museum!

This attraction will be fun for all and you will want to keep coming back to participate in each dioramas as they are scheduled. Get your tickets early for this one!