The Academy Library has over 4000 volumes of military history, technology, biographies and narratives offering many hours of both research and pleasure reading.  The library has been the recipient of many documents, newspapers and books that date back to late 1800’s which are in our Special Collections. Patrons will enjoy the models and artifacts that are displayed in the library. The library also provides access to military history videos and military heritage databases.

Library Privileges

  • Use library computers or bring your laptop to connect to our home page with links to our online catalog and military E-Resources
  • View a military documentary
  • Daily membership provides access to all library materials and databases
  • Annual membership adds circulation privileges for most books in our collection

Coming Soon

  • Seminars on using military heritage databases and library resources. Veterans, their families, their descendants have an abiding interest in the military experiences and exploits of their ancestors. Our Library will become a resource to answer your inquiry “Can you help me find out about my grand-dad in the Civil War or my grandmother in WWII?”

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