An immersive experiential journey that educates the member-visitor on the various cultural aspects of what it’s like to join and serve in the U.S. military – Past, Present and Future!

The Future Force Academy enables the member-visitor to immerse themselves in a Museum-guided journey, starting as a new recruit with the U.S. Future Force and culminating in a “deployment mission” to a “war zone” taking place somewhere in history or perhaps in the future. All recruits begin as “enlisted military personnel.” Member-visitors may return for multiple visits and may well wish to do so given the different military roles they can choose from. Each role provides a different journey for the member-visitor.

While preferred, it’s not necessary for a member-visitor to follow the Museum-guided “joining through deployment” journey. Member-visitors may also choose a self-directed experience, participating in the many experiential exhibits and activities found throughout the second-floor program areas. To participate in the Future Force Academy program, area visitors must become a Museum member. Day, seasonal and annual memberships are available.

As you step off the elevator on the second floor your journey begins:

Enlist as a new “recruit” in the U.S. military. Member-visitors will complete an “enlistment application” from the “recruiter.

Proceed to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) in the Library.

New Recruits will take an Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) on  a computer work station.

Research and select a military branch.

Throughout the library are designated areas representing each of the five military branches. Recruits will be given an opportunity to learn about each branch before selecting their branch of choice.

Research and select a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS)

Located within each branch area, a selection of MOS’s will guide the recruit to choose a career path based on several options. The military branch and MOS will determine a training path once the recruit arrives at Advanced Individual Training (AIT) School.

Take the Enlistment Oath. After taking the oath, the recruit will replace their recruit tag with a cadet tag.

Complete Basic Training.  Cadets will journey through several elements that include: physical requirements, selected military cultural elements, like the “required haircuts area,” and a virtual reality basic training experience.

Go to AIT School, located in the classroom next to the Library. 

Complete competency training in scenarios that teach strategy from historic battles (https://www.activehistory.co.uk/).

Complete skill-based training. This will be done on simulators including marksmanship, aviation (fighter, helicopter, parachute and drone), heavy vehicle, warship, submarine, sailing and spaceflight.

Choose a mission.  Each cadet will have the opportunity to review, research and select one of the eight missions available in the War Room and, based on their MOS, is then assigned a military position and prepared to transition into “active duty.”

View Specialized Training Exhibits located throughout the AIT School area that focus on various specialties including NASA, engineering, GPS and satellites.

View graphics and audio visual elements throughout the AIT School area that inform cadets about the many authentic career experiences found not only in the past, but also those currently offered by the U.S. military today.

Enter the War Room for Mission Deployment.

Experience war gaming based on a personalized mission and activity duty role. Role-play missions take place at one of the eight stations around the War Room gaming table. Each station includes a battlefield/theater map, military asset replicas, and other objects that guide member-visitors through the gaming experience. Up to 16 players can participate on the War Room gaming table at once.

Take in iconic battle graphics and video in the War Room on or near the walls surrounding the War Room gaming table, including signage for the gaming instructions, illustrations about the eight battle scenes and information on the military assets that were used during the battles.

View the Academy Hallway on the second floor and see member-visitor information on the U.S. Army, Air Force, Naval and Coast Guard Service Academies along with other prominent military-based institutions. The hallway also provides recognition areas for Future Force Academy alumni based on performance at AIT School and the War Room battle scenarios.

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